Cryo Penguin

Targeted cryotherapy & facials

Cryogenics has been used for hundreds of years. The most common form is the use of ice baths to reduce muscle swelling, soreness and speed up recovery. Our ‘Penguin’ is a hand held version of the cryo sauna that emits a below freezing mist of liquid nitrogen. Ideal for targeted areas of injury or facials. 


How it works: 

The skin is rapidly cooled, leading to a tightening of the microcirculation blood stream,, known as vasoconstriction, and then dilation of the blood vessels and capillaries then helps to flush out toxins and impurities away from the skin. This process encourages collagen production and helps to detox and rejuvenate the skin. 

Targeted Injury Treatment 

- Reduce inflammation 

- Targeted injury treatment times may vary. 



- restore firmness and radiance

- reduce pigmentation or uneven skin tone 

- treat skin conditions such as eczema and Rosacea 

- sooth inflammation


Facials take only 10 minutes and the results are immediate and there is generally no post treatment downtime or after effects. 

You can receive one-off treatments but the best results will come with repeat applications. 

See the Cryo-Penguin in action:


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Cryo Sauna

3 minutes to a healthier + happier you. The first ever Cryo Sauna/Chamber in regional Australia